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I can't have two attacks in one button



The title's pretty bad, but basically I'm making an edit of a character who can only punch and kick, I decided I wanted to give him some moves since he didn't have any. He has a Freeze Ray attack which is done by Down+Forward+B. It works, but when I add a heavy kick to B, Freeze Ray won't work. It only works if I delete the heavy kick and make pressing B not do anything. Here's some of the code if you need it:



name = "DFB"

command = D,F,b

time = 20

[State -1, Freeze Ray]

type = ChangeState

value = 240

triggerall = command = "DFB"

triggerall = statetype = S

trigger1 = ctrl

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39 minutes ago, PlasmoidThunder said:

I imagine you put the ChangeState for the heavy kick above this one. MUGEN reads code from top to bottom, so anything placed higher has priority over what's below it in the event of a conflict.

I saw another post saying that, it worked for them, it didn't work for me but i might've done it wrong... do I put the freeze ray command higher than the heavy kick command? or is it in the states?

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