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[PS3] PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale


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A childhood dream come true. I've always wanted to see the PlayStation characters duking it out ever since the original Super Smash Bros. got released on the N64 back in '99. Confirmed characters so far (as shown in current videos) are... PS1 era: -PaRappa the Rapper -Sweet Tooth (yes KaptainKhaos, he's in! :D) PS2 era: -Kratos -Sly Cooper PS3 era: -Fat Princess -Colonel Mael Radec (though Killzone started off on PS2, he was the main antagonist in the PS3 sequel) Paul Gale Network (where the game was first mentioned under the name "Title Fight") said that Nathan Drake and Jak and Daxter will also joining the roster. Though not officially confirmed, Ratchet and Clank and Cole MacGrath will most likely be playable as well. 3rd-party characters have also been confirmed for the game, so we will probably see the likes of Solid Snake, a Final Fantasy character (Cloud or Lightning), or possibly even a Capcom character appearing.

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only if kingdom hearts characters can be in the game because its always beenon the sony system exept for 320/4 i think thats what it was called but that does not count because it was aside story wich did not make sence of playing, but if it did happen then we might just only get sora and riku

358/2 days

also, yeah CoM, recoded, DDD, all were non Sony, but it'd be cool to see him, ratchet and Jak better be there

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Ok so I kind of bs around during Evo and missed my chance to Play this but I did get a chance to watch the game being played it looks fun and is a bit different then SSB, I love the idea behind the levels as they are being built as the match goes on which looks nice I can say. One thing that good is whos helping behind the game for those of you who don't know Seth Killian left Capcom about a week or 2 before Evo since then he has joined up with Sony and is helping with this game.

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Hey guys, news update! I got Beta to PASBR!! I tested this game out earlier. and I gotta say it doesnt play like smash bros at all. but i hate the jump physics it reminds me all the smash bros clones. (Battle Stadium D.O.N. is almost the same) I played as Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess. The beta is strictly online vs. people. the actual game itself. I did get drawn into the game right away as its chaotic. as for controls. R2 is super (you need to hit someone with you super to kill them for a point) R1 is block Square is attack 1 (Combo, can be used neutral or all directions) Triangle is attack 2 (partial combo, depends on character, and same as above) Circle is attack 3 (I notice it was used as a projectile attack button?) X is Jump. Throws are with 2nd analog stick. the more you fight the more your super guage fills up. when its full you have lv1. there are i believe 4 levels in all (or 3) and depending on the level changes the super. like Kratos' Lv1. he pulls out a bluish glowing sword and slashes forward, if hit you die. he gets point. if not hit you keep your guage.

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"you need to hit someone with you super to kill them for a point" Welp I woulld rather it be exactly like smash bros then this lol..... "he pulls out a bluish glowing sword and slashes forward, if hit you die. he gets point. if not hit you keep your guage." LOL wut doesn't that mean you can basically keep spamming your super till it hits then? Also >not playing as parappa rappa Slaps you hard :( I will try the demo I guess when it comes out though. :/

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  • Big Daddy(BioShock)*
  • Colonel Radec (Killzone)
  • Dante (DMC)
  • Evil Cole (Infamous)
  • Fat Princess (Fat Princess)
  • Good Cole (Infamous)
  • Heihachi (Tekken)
  • Jak & Daxter (Jak & Daxter)
  • Kratos (God of War)
  • Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
  • Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
  • Parappa the Rapper (Parappa the Rapper)
  • Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Ratchet (& Clank?) (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
  • Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper)
  • Spike (Ape Escape)
  • Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
  • Toro (Sony Icon)

* - Big Daddy is confirmed, but doesn't appear in the data leak. Which is strange becuz hes both xbox and ps3 (xbox being 1st)

more: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/07/29/rumor-playstation-all-stars-battle-royale-characters-stages-leak

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