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Elsa Bloodstone


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Elsa Bloodstone is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She first appears 
in Marvel's Bloodstone mini-series of 2001 written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.


She is an obscure character in the Marvel Universe. But I really liked her in Nextwave and I think she would be a fun character for MUGEN and so I made this:






I'm still new to creating characters in MUGEN and this is my first ever character so it's a little messy and there's not much with this character  

but please enjoy and feel free to give feedback!





D, DF, F, x    - Dual pistols
D, DF, F, y    - Uzis
D, DF, F, z    - Dual Shotguns
D, DB, B, p    - Knife Lunge



D, DF, F, pp   - Bloodstone Blast
D, DF, F, kk   - Bloodstone Rush



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One of my favorite obscure Marvel characters, nice to see her finally getting some love in Mugen.


For being your first character she isn't bad. But there's some stuff that could be updated or added.


-The hitbox for her grab could be expanded to cover her arm as it just covers her hand making the grab sometimes miss on opponents that are close to her wich shouldn't happen.

-Maybe make Bloodstone Rush usable on air? The moveset she has at the moment is good but an air special or hyper would add to her comboability

-Another suggestion would be making Dual Shotguns cause a wall bounce on the opponent so she can combo after that


That's all the feedback I have for now as I had only played with her for 7 minutes. Will test her some more later but I really loving what I'm seeing. You certainly have talent and I look foward to see more works from you.

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