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Lilith (Vanguard Princess) 1.0 Release - SXVector


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Finally finished Lilith, and... she was a pain to do, thanks to (Targetbind - cough)

Well, I tried to be accurate, so feel free to post feedback and suggestions for fixes or such.

I will update her as soon as I can, and feel free to tell me to when should I update.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Readme and credits are given properly this time.

Lilith should have mechanics same as her VP gameplay.

She has a lot of grab specials (Hence a Grappler-Type character)

Apparently she only has 1 super (Atomic Buster - combining 4-5 of her special grabs into a super grab finale?)

AI is coded (Intermediate so far - will update if anyone want harder difficulty)



(Will update to mugencoder soon since its up now)

Video: Will upload soon but you can check my WIP video on my WIP thread.

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Fixes: Command Tweaks - for Arcade Sticks and Keyboard users Fixed Command Issues regarding moves State tweaks on attacks (stun, crossup clsn, some explod differentiation for heavy/medium). Increase damage values according to game itself. New Ports - Ask me if you want custom pictures. UDPATED: LINK http://www.mediafire.com/?4v671j647xd6s1m

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Phantom, where can i get those lifebars?

those are some lifebars that HE MADE, from a commerical game, Phantom usually tends to rips the sprites from these things or take good screenshots and turn them into real life bars.

If Phantom Had a youtube channel to show off all of his lifebar work. he'd have more fans than some of the best mugen coders.

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I see.... I'll fix that quick. Oh thats right -_- -> I didn't targetbind them long enough. (time = ) <- for targetbind. IF there is no time there will have a chance to being hit and to be in a strange loop. -> Fixed the atomic buster error -> Also fixed the grab connection error Phantom - the reason why it was like that because I didn't use the appropriate hitflags also >_< UPDATED http://www.mediafire.com/?e6708o4edym9p8d

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