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Approaching Evil stages from NGPC's Samurai Shodown! 2


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As I said you in my WIP thread, I'm working in some new Neo Geo Pocket chars for MUGEN, one of them is Ukyo Tachibana from the second Samurai Shodown for NGPC (port of SS64-2). But when I was playing the game and ripping his sprites, I noticed the beautiful 8-bit stages made for this game, so I adapted the first stage for MUGEN, in both Day (round 1) and Night (round 2 & 3) versions.


Also, these are the first stages I made since years, I think the last one was in... 2017 maybe?? I say 2012 without the Cybaster's Stage Maker, nevermind XD
Two simple but beautiful 8-bit stages for your NES/Pocket/Chibi/8-bit characters. If you like it, maybe I could make the others, who knows ;)


Just go to the Stages section, pal. Ippon!!


PS: I updated my WIP section with my NGP WIPs, Morrigan and Ukyo BTW =P

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