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@Noside thanks for the follow! 


@MDRadicalShow Thanks, unfortunately those are just base frames I can't really work with. If I had the basic sprites for: walk, jump, simple attacks, I'd probably be able to edit them but since I'm not a spriter, that is my weak spot! I also got blessings from kMIKEj himself on Legendary and Gamera .


UPDATE: Finished implementing a hyper cancels/team hyper system. Its a hybrid of sorts of hyper cancels and team supers. I say hybrid since usually when you cancel in a game, your main character will switch out and stop their hyper after your new partner tags in and does theirs, but for this they stay until the hyper is finished, so you can cancel immediately 2 or 3 times and get a partner or your entire team on the field doing their hypers at around the same time, granted that you have enough power meter to do it. Spent the last week or so bug fixing:
-Worked on timing on hyper cancels, getting it right

-Fixed CPU moving when assisting or not tagging out when they are supposed to

-UPDATE to latest IKEMEN build, fixes a lot of bugs and also implements a menu screen during fights (move list, chage characters, etc)

-I had 800 change anims and chagnestates for SUPERMECHAGODZILLA because he has 2 sets of sprites in the cns, one with teh GARUDA on, and one without, when in custom state he needs to have the correct sprites. Got rid of this 800 lines of code and implemented a special ikemen feature that switches the images on a sprite level taht mugen can not do. A god send for characters that transform, I can see this being used very well in a DBZ type game.

-Took advantage of some IKEMEN specific features

-General Bug Fixes


Up Next: I've been holding off this one for a long time, but the 2 badly playable glaring characters in this game are Jet Jaguar and Biollante Rose. Beginning on updated sprite work and attacks for Jet Jaguar by using one of the ultraman sprites as base. Will work on Biollante Rose after. Burning Godzilla and Turbo Duo MECHAGII on hold for now. Still looking at maybe and end of the year release.

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On 8/5/2020 at 10:59 AM, MDRadicalShow said:

i was talking with kMIKEj, and he said is working on a Cloverfield sprite sheet


He uploaded something but it's not enough for a full blown type character. Anyway, I have someone else doing sprites for me now (Orga and King Caesar are coming!)

Anyway, here's JET JAGUAR in his FULL GLORY!


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Created an incredibly simple unlock system for ikemen go engine based on how many arcade mode finishes you've done. 2 aesthetic versions I'm still trying to decide on, random select placeholder or empty boxes. Originals will probably be near the end of the unlocks list to encourage players to keep playing lol. I'm thinking to finish arcade mode, in tagteam mode, its 7 total fights, 1 round each. Single fight mode, 10 total fights, 2 rounds each. (This is NOT the interface or select screens or menus I am using in the final build, its a placeholder)




new unlocks added, and also added to random select pool


2nd version with blanks as locked characters'


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