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  1. KING CAESAR JOINS THE BATTLE.... "キング、シーサー!! ! ! ! !"
  2. Guess who just joined the battle. Also, King Caesar, Orga, Baragon, Monster X and a mystery toho character I dont think anyone will figure out are coming as well. Stay tuned.
  3. Heres an alternate but less complex system for the new version of ikemen go (until wintermourn comes back, if he ever does to update this). Created an incredibly simple unlock system for ikemen go engine based on how many arcade mode finishes you've done. 3 versions, locked are random slots, locked are random icons but you cant hover over them, or locks are simply not drawn. Please PM for details. Maybe at a later date I'll try ti implement wintermourns old stuff to the new ikemen if I have time. new unlocks added, and also added to random select pool 2nd
  4. Created an incredibly simple unlock system for ikemen go engine based on how many arcade mode finishes you've done. 2 aesthetic versions I'm still trying to decide on, random select placeholder or empty boxes. Originals will probably be near the end of the unlocks list to encourage players to keep playing lol. I'm thinking to finish arcade mode, in tagteam mode, its 7 total fights, 1 round each. Single fight mode, 10 total fights, 2 rounds each. (This is NOT the interface or select screens or menus I am using in the final build, its a placeholder) new unlocks added
  5. He uploaded something but it's not enough for a full blown type character. Anyway, I have someone else doing sprites for me now (Orga and King Caesar are coming!) Anyway, here's JET JAGUAR in his FULL GLORY!
  6. Did somebody say PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH!? Full video preview coming in the next week
  7. @Noside thanks for the follow! @MDRadicalShow Thanks, unfortunately those are just base frames I can't really work with. If I had the basic sprites for: walk, jump, simple attacks, I'd probably be able to edit them but since I'm not a spriter, that is my weak spot! I also got blessings from kMIKEj himself on Legendary and Gamera . UPDATE: Finished implementing a hyper cancels/team hyper system. Its a hybrid of sorts of hyper cancels and team supers. I say hybrid since usually when you cancel in a game, your main character will switch out and stop their hyper after your
  8. Any update on this????? Broken on the latest Ikemen, I tried to implement this in the new one, I got pretty close but it always fails on the "cc > " lines, all i get is "comparing nil with nil" errors.
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