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Battle Stormer Classics released

O Ilusionista

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Finally, the first release of the oldschool game Battle Stormer Classics, done by me and Zvitor

For full Info, gameplay, roster & credits: http://brazilmugenteam.com/bsc


- 10 playable chars

- 12 bosses

- 19 stages


Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image



DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?55txsggbag940ox

Feedback and bug reports are welcome

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Kaspersky may say that is a virus, but its a false positive. I've scanned with NOD32, Avast and Norton.

Plus, this .rar was made on a MAC. There almost no chance to have a trojan

Some antivirus treat Moleboxed stuff as virus.

Why are you moleboxing or what ever stuff anyway? all your doimg is letting the mugen traders that specialise in removing this stuff trade it about

Why I am moleboxing it? Because I want. I want all the content on a single file.

If anyone unmolebox it, it won't work on a normal mugen. Plus, I would cease the project;

My goal is not to protect 100% the content, but I would like to have some respect.

I can pack with 3 different protections if I want, letting it impossible to unpack. But its not my intention.

I just want some respect.

For me, if you unmolebox something for PERSONAL use, its ok (besides it was better to ask me for the content). But to unmolebox and share is a big NO, is just disrespectful

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The lifebars reminds me of the default Mugen 1.0 too much. Some endings might be like the origin game's ending, like Ritcher having a regular "Castlevania" ending (the castle crumbling at the background, etc), the scene Spawn vs Violator from the original game and so on. It's not like any of those games the ending aren't obvious.

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