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Card Saga Wars Online (Ver. 0.6b)


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Version 0.6b




A lot has been made in terms of progress for the game, now you can play and experience the game in a whole new way! New stages, re-balances, engine adjustments, and more can be found in this long time coming piece of Mugen history! Download and discord for matchmaking and quickest updates are below!




Download (ver. 0.6b):

MEGA - https://mega.nz/file/rt01UCza#LYEz80MmZ4i2grCFYmhkeMElr5dK8fa9IKPFgQ5LJQU


Mirror 1 - https://www.mediafire.com/file/k0aa37zu3j2g92k/Card_Sagas_Wars_0.6b.zip/file


Mirror 2 - https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!ADOhjifMig-pD30&cid=47C91F04E4D0BC3D&id=47C91F04E4D0BC3D!1218&parId=root&action=locate



Patch files (in case you already have 0.6a):





Discord Server - https://discord.gg/6S8y2mS



Here's a very, VERY basic overview of what's new.



- Every single character has been rebalanced from the ground up (Round of applause for ~ONYX~ and vgma2 for the grind)
- Reworks of old stages, and new ones! [Seraphic Gate, Alfiem, Midgar, Desert, Coliseum 2.0] (Show Alester your appreciation for these)
- Two music tracks per stage (Everyone show PlasmoidThunder love too!)
- New announcer (Twitter: GetGianni)
- Beatrice from Umineko is a new assist!
- Replays are now fully functional
- Widescreen options added
- Special -> Super Cancels added for every character
- Certain projectiles are now super cancelable
- Jump ins now hit high
- Hit Pause added to all attacks
- Air-Stall prevention system
- Universal jump height, short hops, and jump startup of 5f
- Throw invincibility during jump startup
- 2A > 3A animation cancel fix
- Card gauge and assist changes
- Guard Gauge adjustments (No longer breaks as quickly)
- Rolls can no longer be canceled by 2A, punish window added at the end
- Normal getups can now be done early by pressing up during the lie down state
- Millions of bugs fixes and tons of character specific changes


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20 hours ago, PlasmoidThunder said:

No. The prototype version from the original devs is no longer being worked on; this is an unofficial development branch that uses the IKEMEN engine, but is endorsed by the original devs.

Thanks for the heads up.

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0.6b is out! Download link in the first post (patch files as well if you already have version 0.6a).

-Numerous bug fixes, including updates to the bosses to fix leftovers from 0.5
-Time over animations
-Updates to the lighting on Moonlight Coliseum and Marvel Land, along with some music changes
-Proper credits
-Gave more juggle across the board for combo potential
-Certain incredibly hard strings were made slightly easier
-Damage scaling for the higher damage combos have been implemented for every character
-Netplay settings standardized
-Optimized files, now under 1gb!
-A new stage! Short video of it below.


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  • 2 months later...

I found a weird bug with setting up controls for an xbox one controller.


After setting my controls in game through the options menu I saved and restarted, but then it wouldn't start the game. When I try to start the game I get this message.


S-SIZE v1.39

c:/user/myname/desktop/card sagas wars 0.6b/config.ssz(59) : 'A' (よ定義されていまぜん。 c:users/myname/desktop/card sagas wars 0.6b/ssz/ikemen.ssz(6) :


I don't know how to post a picture or if you can on, here's a link to the message. https://twitter.com/UltraReviewShow/status/1270336254295629824


Anyway it seems to be referring to the line in config.ssz where the controls were changed, and then referrencing the line in ikemen.ssz reffering to the controls. Is there some kind of conflict between the two lines in the two different files? Does one just not get updated when you change the controls?


When I was searching for a solution to this I saw someone made a post about this on mugenarchive in 2018, with no response. So if there is a way to fix it, it'd be nice if it could be put into the game itself so this issue doesn't happen again for other people.


I unzipped the game again and copied the original controls over the changed controls and now the game is starting. But it'd be nice if people could use a controller. I don't think it's I put in that was weird, because I just put in the same controls a lot of other people used for mugen.


I looked at Japanese characters and found them よ定義されていまぜん。 google translates it to well defined. If I separate them it's. よ定義 yo definition されていまぜん。 it has not been done.

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