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The Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai


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Click on the author names to download.




LoIXvUN.pngAWKTwYt.pngVvLGtbt.png0okZ7IO.png zDXX1Vl.pngDGvE1Aq.png4rGODDq.png GBmzgi0.pngdhmZlLz.pngWiRilnB.pngH7m0Htb.pngATcYPJD.pngTFpU6Oo.pngac0UIx2.pngBOnspZx.png2EQcSrO.pngU0eVGMV.png

Meliodas: 1st: Salah Uchiha: Original - Trafalgarlawzz's edit / Yugen / TPHD / 2nd: Mikel8888: Original - MYTHOS' edit / Planeptune Arte [V1] / TrafalgarLawzz / 3rd: Allessandro Valderrama: Original - Romano45's edit / 4th: MisterCoco / Planeptune Arte [V 2.5] / 5th: SantoryuMugenJUS ||


Ban: Planeptune Arte: V1 - V2 - MYTHOS' edit || King: Planeptune Arte: V1V2 || Diane: RenounMugen || Gowther: Planeptune Arte: V1 - V2 || Escanor: Allessandro Valderrama: 1st: Original - Romano45's edit / 2nd: Salah Uchiha: Original - God Destroya's edit - Drex123's edit / 3rd: Salah & PackManMUGEN


Merlin: Planeptune Arte || Elaine: SantoryuMugenJUS || Elizabeth Liones: Mounir || ZeldrisPlaneptune Arte || Hawk: mysh_2002




Meliodas: Franckster || Escanor: 1st: Allessandro Valderrama [Old] / 2nd: Soulfire


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- Added Meliodas by TPHD

- Added Diane by RenounMugen (you'd think she'd be twice the size of her fellow "JUS-styled" characters considering she's a giantess and all, but oh well...)

- Added God Destroya's edit of Salah Uchiha's Escanor

- Added Elizabeth Lionel by Mounir

- Added Zeldris by Planeptune


note that as per usual, i had to link Planeptune's work directly to Mediafire instead of their YouTube channel; no offense to the author, but i can't risk the members of MFFA getting adware from clicking on the ad.fly links provided on said channel.

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