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Ernie the Giant Chicken


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Hello, there. I've made a Giant Chicken edit within the span of 3 days. He uses Team SMRT's Guilty Gear Giant Chicken as a base, while having the GGXX-related stuff removed. While most specials and hypers were removed, the one I kept are very useful. The edit mainly focuses on gameplay change and to not make him a complete edit of Peter, which was already a Kung Fu Man edit, anyway. He has a Power Charge.



- Sparks and Effects.

- Advantage frames are changed.

- Clsns are fixed/heavily modified.

- Due to some sounds being heavily long during intros, it stops when you start the round early.

- Specials/Hypers were reworked/removed.

- Given a Wall Cling (Press Forward while at the wall.)





Coupon Toss - D, DF, F, x/y 

Triple Coupon Toss - D, DF, F, z


Headbutt - D, DB, B, a

Tackle (NO GRAB) - D, DB, B, b

Tackle (GRAB) - D, DB, B, c


Super Smash Brawl - D, DF, F, D, DF, F, x/y/z

Chicken Run - D, DB, B, D, DB, B, a/b/c


Power Charge - b+y

Parry - Forward (Can be used in standing, air, and crouching state(Requires decent timing)



Warner - The sprites.

Team SMRT - The character.

P.O.T.S., DG, H', and chuchoryu - Had extra effects I could not find.

Nodog - Gave me some feedback during the testing of the character.


Speaking of Peter, I do plan on making an MvC2 edit of him.


Download here.


Feedback is appreciated.



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