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MUGEN Inspirations

Nep Heart

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 Thought I needed more threads here, so, this one should be a good addition. Which authors would you consider to be your biggest influences as far as your own personal design philosophy for MUGEN content and why? It can be for anything from creation or editing of characters, stages, screenpacks, lifebars, palettes, etc.

 For the purpose of this thread, I'll limit it up to five per poster.


 As for me in no particular order...


1. RicePigeon: The idea of custom gameplay Touhou characters is a gigantic appeal to me, but even more so is the fact they all operate under a complex, yet consistent system that is balanced towards each other in spite of having their own individual gimmicks that otherwise separate them. Also, a lot of my coding is based on his stuff, which coincidentally works well with my own. This is particularly evidence in my Akyuu herself.


2. Otz-Kai: His Sayaka Miki is what got me started in this character creation hobby to which I used as a basis for my very first character. Otz-Kai's stuff are quite deep in their gameplay design and aesthetics, this level of workmanship and care with an original style made me want to do a similar take with my own stuff. His Mami is something I also consider using the sprites and sounds for my own version in the future and I really anticipate the release of Madoka for the same reasons, the latter being the very character I've wanted to do the most for MUGEN.

3. 586: With Eternal Fighter Zero being one of my favorite fighting games, it's no surprise that 586 has a very strong allure to me. However, this isn't just limited to his near-source accurate based EFZ characters, but his older generation of custom stuff. Parts of their gameplay and a lot of their aesthetics of both generations can be found in my own characters such as the level 3/5 superpause designs. They even have very similar combo systems, albeit I take my own liberties.


4. Rakurai: Something of a spiritual successor to 586's old generation characters, my reasoning for choosing Rakurai would be quite similar to that of 586's, except with additional new aesthetics and gameplay ideas to draw from.


5. Phantom.of.the.Server: You'd be scratching your head as to why I chose this author in spite of me not jumping on the PotS bandwagon that's plagued MUGEN communities for a long time. Well, his stuff still stands the tests of time and remain an excellent source for advance codes whenever I am stumped. Next to RicePigeon, much of my coding is based on PotS', especially his fantastic cornerpush code. His encyclopedic feedback thread was partly how I got into MUGEN character creation in the first place.

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Nobody, lol, but then I suppose the lack of inspiration is why my stuff isn't any good 😛


Truthfully, as I brainstorm various ideas that'll never come to fruition, my inspiration isn't ever from the characters or styles of other creators, but a combination of what I have grown to like from fighting games in general. There's characters in my roster that I like a ton, sure, but I've never once drawn aspects from them when typing up this theoretical gameplay style of mine.

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