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Unbound Da-Ji


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This character is for 1.1 Only




Full Name: Da-Ji
Species = Plant/Fairy
Former Origins: Classified
Current Origin: Emerald Groove, Hyperion
Age: Unknown due to Dimensional travel

Likes: The only thing on her mind right now besides kill marquess Victor Von Bueuz is food.

Dislikes: Fire

Short story; A few months after a Tournament held by one of Da-ji’s bosses, Demonlord Rosetta concluded, A large battalion of Imperial troops assaulted The Northeastern Groove. These troops proceeded to burn the forest and its inhabitants to the ground, escalating a dormant war between the residents of the forest (The Protectorate, The Sentinels and the Eye of the Magi) versus the Imperials (a massive large force of mostly humans).  Da-ji among a numerous fairies and anthromorphs responded to the crisis in droves only to be caught in field cage that trapped them and the solders. This battle quickly turned into a feeding frenzy as the flamethower units were quickly dispatched and the remaining soldiers were helpless against the powers of the fairies. The loyal soldiers refused to back down, (there was nowhere to go) and they bought as much time as possible for the true assault. Southeast in Emerald Groove, a smaller Battalion lead by Marquess Victor Von Buenz laid waste to the sanctuary, burning Da-ji’s friends and stormed towards the elder tree Emerald Dragon (Ed). In hopes to reach Ed in time to save him, Da-Ji sacrificed her powers to bypass the field cage and entered Ed in ethereal form. Da-ji then offered her core to become a light fairy who would be permanently bound to the life of Ed to save him. Ed was honored be her sacrifice and combined both Da-ji’s power along with his. He said “The money will lead you to your targets! Now go! Show them the Ways of the Protectorate!” With that, he flung Da-Ji’s core into the riverbank carrying her far away from the carnage. In pitch darkness, Da-ji could hear the screams of Ed as a chainsaw blade cut past his trunk followed by laughter that once human then turned into fairy as Sentinels betrayed and preyed upon their Protectorate allies. Da-Ji woke up to her unbound form in a village without villagers. Her belly is swollen but still hungry for revenge. Da-ji’s number one target is Victor Von Buenz, and woe befall anyone in her way.






https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcab05ai4jm9gch/Unbound Da-Ji.zip?dl=0

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