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City Escape by Vegaz

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Sup guy?Original stage with animations and a sick looped bgm.  Haven't dropped a stage with no zoom in ages. Tbo, this may work in WinMugen Beta but I didn't test it so I'm dropping it here in 1.0 land. I may release and alt. version of this. Well...that is all. Enjoy!
I didn't wanna just replace the old one, so I just made a second ver. Pick your poison!
-floor and ceiling have parallax
-side walls, mirrors and light have scale delta
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1 hour ago, CoolAnimeHustler said:

ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Yo!! This Is Amazing! It's Like A Tribute To Blade Runner Or Ghost In The Shell! I'm Speechless...LOL! Awesome Job On This Futuristic City Theme Stage LightFlare_Da_Realest! 10/10 ^_^


Thanks man. And it inspired by Blade Runner.:awesome

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