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Story Mode for MUGEN 1.1



I use MUGEN 1.1 because of all the graphical benefits, and that oh-so-lovely stage zooming feature that's great for giant bosses that tower over the player, as well as revealing more of the stage to bring a nice dynamic battle! But the only software that can use a story mode like gimmick is if you have MUGEN 1.0 or older and those ones don't have that added benefit, I know it's because MUGEN 1.1 got rid of the battle.log file that supports a character unlocking feature or track who won the match (which was pretty ass-backwards for Electbyte to do tbh) but the story mode software uses QuickVS to simulate battles, and QuickVS supports all versions of MUGEN, I won't loose sleep over the unlocking feature being gone, but I would love to use something that can take advantage of the QuickVS batch files to compose a level progression style gameplay with animated cutscenes after completing each level, and to play as specific characters throughout the story, and to have a story structured like Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary, you can't do that kind of thing with Arcade Mode because you choose one character that you play as from beginning to end, and having only so many cutscenes to tell a very simple story. I would love to have some type of extension for MUGEN 1.1 to make it have a story mode where you play as several types of characters with multiple cutscenes to eventually form a massive team to stop a massive threat. Do you guys have a suggestion? It doesn't have to be an extention for MUGEN but at least a piece of software that can read batch files, play videos, and unlockable levels, this may be a pipe dream (for now), but I would like to ask you guys this question still, or to maybe inspire you to develop something like this that can work for MUGEN 1.1 beta!

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