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CF3 Helicopter Full Release (1.0)


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Well, here is another release of a CF3 character Helicopter!

He's a unique character! A breakdance with a hoodie that walks funny and uses bboying moves to hit you with =P

Well here is download:


I will update on according to posted suggestions or problems(bugs).

Posted Image

Here's a pic of him if you don't know him!

Since I was too lazy to make a readme, I'll just quickly type here.

Normals - a,b,x,y

Alternative Normals - Directional (LEFT OR RIGHT) + a,b,x,y <- applies to jump, stand, and crouch


1 - F, x+y

2 - F, a+b


Air Cut - (In Air) + QcB, a

Beyblade (Lol http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//sleep.png) - QcF, x

Tornado Spin - QcB, b


Aircut x 2 (In Air) -> QcB x 2, a

Wormy - QcF x 2, x

Tornado Hurricane - QcB x 2, b

Evade - D,B, y or B,D,y

Taunt - Start

DL LINK: (Just incase you didn't see the upper one)




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Ehh.. Lei-Long... hmm I might make him next after Cobra ._. Guess I'll start with my list then : Bulldog - Cobra - Lei Long - Pantera - Arubim's Ally(Forgot her name lol) - Raptor (Needs more wrestlers) UNLESS someone's request is urgent my list of order will change accordingly. @tohnoshiki -> Yes - I gave permission. As long as they credit me and not claim this creation as theirs, I'm fine.

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off topic. SxVector i gave you a sub section of your own for your own work. When you get your website set up with mugen coder (or at least so i'm told) I'll add a link in the description so people can go to that.

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