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Sportacus + Robbie Rotten

Big Green

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https://www.dropbox.com/s/6k1cxrfdtendx07/robbie rotten.rar?dl=0




The only two LazyTown characters in MUGEN. Make of it as you will. Both are made by Randy and are for collection purposes. I think there was a YT video of these by the creator.


Sportacus uses the EoH template (I think? It may be the DC template.). He has only one hyper, where he throws carrots. Very spammy A.I. Also a sprite edit of CvS Terry Bogard.


Robbie is more interesting. He seems to be an edit of someone's Batman, but uses four buttons. He has a Spanish voice, and uses Young Geese sprites. Once again, spammy A.I.

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