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Raging Kim Kaphwan (0.90)


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Copied from Read Me!

Name : Raging Kim Kaphwan

Created by : Ryon

Website : http://www.MugenFreeForAll.com

Release Date : January 2nd 2011CE

Version : 0.90

~ What To Know ~

Raging Kim is a very early Alpha. He is mostly finished. There are a few if not several things that are not finished on him namingly the effects, the hitsparks are misaligned in some moves.

New moves are not added. However his new combo system is well enough to make up for that.

~ What Can He Do? ~

Combo Very Easily

EX Versions of all moves

~ Movelist ~

Target Combo - A, A, A

Launcher - Down, Forward, X or Y

Hi En Zan - Down, Up, A or B

Tenshou Zan - Down + B (after Hi En Zan)

Haki Kyaku - D,D + A or B

Han Getsu Zan - Down, Back, A or B

Hishou Kyaku - Down + B (Air Only)

Launcher - Down, Forward, X or Y

Unknown Name - Forward, Down, Back, A or B

Unknown Name - (Hold 1s)Back, Forward, A or B

~ Supers ~

Hou'ou Kyaku - Down, Back, Down, Forward, A or B (Ground) Or (Air)

Chou Tenshou Zan - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, A or B (Ground) Or (Air)

Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku - Down, Forward, Down, Forward, X or Y (Ground)

~ Special Thanks ~

Mugen Free For All, Constant Support.

SNK for making Kim

Elecbyte for making Mugen.

My Wife. No reason.

YOU. For downloading and playing with my cockamany ideas for Kim.

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a great update coming soon.

here's whats coming to ya.

~Whats New In 0.95~

- New Small Portrait.

- 12 Victory Quotes.

- Added Effects / New Effects.

- Added Haki Kyaku EX.

- Added Throw , Still needs some work.

- Corrected some Hitspark Alignment.

- Fixed "Missing" animations , New Intro, Fixed Win Pose, Lose Pose, Dizzy, Air Recovery.

- Fixed Hien Zan missing shorter opponents.

- Rechecked EX and Super moves to NOT GIVE BACK power.

- Damage Revised, No Dampener Yet.

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