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AzuFight Stages(1.1) by Vegaz


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A zoo fight?! Really?!


Sup peepz?! Back with some more OpenGL Only chizz. AzuFight...heh...what a name. Anyway they've got zoom, superjump, and one even has animations...well...it has a sprite with velocity. It aslo has looped bgm, but the bgm is kinda random. A few songs from some random J-Metal bands. Props to Random Talking Bush at Spriter's Resource. Enjoy.

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On 8/27/2016 at 9:43 AM, Ryon said:

That last stage.... that is a no.

was it like that in the actual game? or did you try to make a night version?

if you did, shame on you. if they did shame on them!

Oh yea! I forgot the last stage isn't very accurate. The sky in the original was red. But the black overlay is from the spritesheet I used.

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