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Regarding MFFA's CotM and the recent forum downtime


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As many of you are already aware, for the past month or so, MFFA has been experiencing technical difficulties which prevented many, including myself, from being able to properly access the forum. Unfortunately, this also involved a forum rollback in an attempt to correct these problems, which affected two CotM threads (one was rolled all the way back to the nomination phase while another was lost entirely). It would neither be fair nor accurate to anyone who already voted to redo these two CotM threads, so unfortunately MFFA's CotM is hereby discontinued. That being said, a few of us mods have been toying with the idea of a permanent replacement for CotM. While I can't go into specific details at this time, it was my hopes that CotM would be able to continue until such a plan could be finalized and implemented. Sadly, the given circumstances have prevented this from happening.


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