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God-O-Mite Updated 4/3/2016

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God-O-Mite: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ds3678v9yvfxxxt/GenericFoe.zip
Because this was a completely necessary. Because the male version of K' hurt my feelings. Alright, April Fools day is over. So this little fellow was created as a result of a MKP fullgame that they tried to make online and had a empty slot and decide to toss in a random Brotherhood of Shadow member to fill it. Its rather dumb so it seemed fitting for a joke so here it ends with this little semi-serious character complete with team function. I Hope you folks enjoyed it.

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Some more fixes.


-Team changes ever round(not sure whats causing it)
-Team shrinking when they're anaimation changes(Probably a reuslt of angeldraw)

-Increased hittimes on all arial attacks
-Fixed projectiles spawning clones of god-o-mite
-Reduced size of COME FORTH MY STAND's projectile hitbox(hopefully fixes issues iwht opponets getting pulled in)


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