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Metroid Nightmare (Fusion+Other M) boss (last update: 31/01/16)

Ridley "MOTHERF_____"

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Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/snak80lknnqxj6h/Nightmare.rar?dl=0


No video because i can't access Youtube for now. Character has big sff file, but it won't generate enough effects to lag.

Nightmare from Metroid Fusion and Metroid Other M is back to haunt your dreams...except not really. This is a boss character with 3 phases. Its weak point is its mask. During 1st phase (1st image), it can use only Plasma Beam and Body Slam and Gravity Manipulator. Once 1/3 of its health is gone, it will go to 2nd phase (2nd image), activate its Gravity Manipulator (making you move slower, jump lower and fall faster) and gain access to Molecular Disruptor and Plasma Beam Delta. Once it is at 1/3 of its healthbar, it will go to 3rd phase (3rd image), losing Body Slam, but Gravity Manipulator is a lot stronger (your jump and movement speed are even lower, you fall faster and you slowly lose health), Molecular Disruptor is a bit stronger and it can use Plasma Beam Omega. To make sure that you can defeat it, timer is stopped. 
Endoedgar's Samus is recommended for this boss along with other mobile characters like her. You won't go far if your character can't jump high enough and has no anti-air attacks because Nightmare just won't stay on the ground unless it attacks and gravity increase is very noticeable. 

A - Plasma Beam Alpha (Phase 1, 500 power), Plasma Beam Delta (Phase 2, 500 power), Plasma Beam Omega (Phase 3, 500 power). Can be avoided by jumping over Nightmare since iy can't move while beams are fired.
B - Molecular Disruptor (Phase 2 and 3). Projectiles can be destroyed.
C - Artifical Black Hole (Phase 3, 3000 power). Instantly kills, so, move away from it until its gone (that can be done simply by walking back since you won't guard when he uses it). Black hole explodes at the end, so, make sure to block it.
X - Body Slam (Phase 1 and 2). Can be avoided by jumping back/forawrd at right time, but don't do that too early or he will turn around.

Stuff to do:
-Proper AI (currently uses MUGEN's default AI because i can't code AI for such bosses and while it can get things done, its not what it should be)
-Convert sprites to 1.0 and properly crop them (this won't help much, but still)
-Make Gravity Manipulator affect projectiles with hurtboxes
-Fix that glitch that causes Nightmare to disappear for one frame after intro and other glitches that will be found if there are any
-Find out who made coding i used for super armor and poison glitch (i just found that somewhere and used latter one for gravity manipulation)

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