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Max Reco by Infinity15600 updated 12/20/11

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M-I Post


It's December again and it's time to re-release a bad relic from the past, recreated from scratch for the sake of improving. There's also a chance this is my last Shiki recolor character.

Video Sample (Only features Max)


I'm pretty sure there's a dozen of bugs and/or infinites somewhere in him that I haven't found. Feedback will be great.

Link: http://www.mediafire...kvlj3a610wdq8oj

On another note, Viper Delacroix is updated to complement Max's recreation.

Link: http://www.mediafire...z0n35eopl3emry6

Updates include:

-Tweaks in Apocalypse and Undying Chaos damage

-1.0 Winquotes

-Updated portraits (not counting the 9000,1 portrait)

-New intro with the new Max

Overall, I might need some feedback on him too. I might've broke something as I was updating him.

Thanks for your time.

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