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Creator's Collection: Drowin


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Creator's Collection:


Main Author's site: http://drowin.sitemix.jp/



dro_zpsjopqpfyx.gif  uino_zpsjphsd3nh.gif   yume_zpscmbnx0pm.gif    nunu_zps4lyvvxz9.gif  kko_zpstafhy6nt.gif

Drowin / Uino / Yumeka / Nunuko / Mituyaiba by Drowin



(Hokuto-no-Ken [Fist of the North Star] )


Kenshiro / Toki / Jagi / Raoh by Drowin

Hokuto fix patch by Drowin


(Arcana Hearts)


Kamui / Saki / Fiona by Drowin




hibiki_zpsis7ypeyo.gif    koji_zpsfskqnrxi.gif   va_zpsozckm2xd.gif   yoshi_zpsjwqvwktd.gif

Hibiki / Kojiroh / Vanessa / Yoshitora by Drowin




dark%20karin_zpsidd4wmzd.gif  Q-d_zpsscvwbmkm.gif

Dark Karin / Q' by Drowin



(Fate-Stay-Night [Chibi-style] )

archer_zpsk2a7plsq.gif    rin_zpsneqvmxt5.gif   lancer_zpsjqdlznuh.gif  caster_zpstdyq8joa.gif

Archer / Rin / Lancer / Caster by Drowin



(Namco X Capcom)

shaom_zpslmpeyysn.gif   kosmos_zpscnhofdd7.gif   cammy_zpspihitjyy.gif

Shaomu /KOS-MOS / Cammy by Drowin



(Anime Series)


Vash / Naruto / Itachi / Ichigo / Precure / Nagato / Setsuna by Drowin



Ikamusume by Drowin

Lemon restaurant (Ikamusume) stage by Drowin 


(Rozen Maiden)

Posted Image          Posted Image          Posted Image         Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image     Posted Image

ShinkuHinaichigo Suiseiseki / Suigintou  / Souseiseki Kanaria / Barasuishou / Jun Sakurada by Drowin  (credit to Ryoucchi for uploads)

Rozen Maiden Mugen (Full game) by Drowin




(Melty Blood)


Kishima by Drowin



G-Akiha by Drowin



(Earthbound [Mother 1])


Earthbound character pack by Drowin




Arcana Hearts Screenpack by Drowin


SS6 Screenpack by Drowin



(Note: please let me know if any links goes down I will re-upload them.)


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43 minutes ago, gui0007 said:

Nice job bruh, Drowin really did such great MUGEN chars and did these two awesome screenpacks aswell. :D

Thank you Gui0007. :-)

Yeah he sure did. I hope he get inspiration to do characters again.


[Topic update]

All links should be working now


[whew!..]  relievedplz_zps5x8jrjmi.gif




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