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[PS1] Vagrant Story


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Vagrant Story​ is a RPG by Square for the PlayStation and was released in 2000. The game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Valendia and the ruined city of Leá Monde. The story centers on Ashley Riot, an elite agent known as a Riskbreaker, who must travel to Leá Monde to investigate the link between a cult leader and a senior Valendian Parliament member, Duke Bardorba. In the prologue, Ashley is blamed for murdering the duke, and the game discloses the events that happen one week before the murder. Vagrant Story is unique as a console action/adventure role-playing game because it features no shops and no player interaction with other characters; instead, the game focuses on weapon creation and modification, as well as elements of puzzle-solving and strategy. I love that game. It has a great story and a very good soundtrack. I did several playthroughs. ...and the good thing - you can get it on the PlayStation Network for your PS3.
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I loved this game back then and I still like it a lot. Got it to play on my PSP This game is considered a part of Ivalice, of FF Tactics and FFXII world. In a short official story pre-FFTA2 Montblanc asks his younger brother Hurdy a wine from Lea Monde and some stuff from the game is mentioned in FFXII info files

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