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CS-X-TBM Yoma Komatsu


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CS-X-TBM Yoma Komatsu

or just call her by the nickname of your choice

"Yoma Komatsu 2015"


"Yoma 2015"



Get ready to get rock to Infinity, cause this is the showcase of Yoma Komatsu, with a  different tip of it.
Please note that this mugen character is edited by CailouStrawberry, me and DarkLuigi Games.



Also Special Thanks to WizzyWhipitWonderful for making the Theme for Yoma Komatsu.

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Well, you've given her quite the update! She's a good example of REAL MSPaint, not all those chars are bad, and Yoma's one of em. It's nice to see that she's still recognized. I've updated her now. Love the new features.

Thanks, She even has a CPS2 Original Theme thanks to Wizzy. :)

We all love this character.

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