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Denjin Makai Series


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denjinmakai-arc_full.png     ghostchaserdensei-sfam.png     guardians-arc.png

Click in the author name to download. If you had any MUGEN material related, you're free to post in this topic.


PLAYER SELECT - Denjin Makai


   denjinmakai-arc_iyo_block.png     denjinmakai-arc_makai_win.png     denjinmakai-arc_zeldia_win.png

Iyo: Descolor / Nanassin || MakaiDescolor || Zeldia: Descolor



Giant-Tr: Joey Faust || Neptune: Joey Faust || Shiden: Mitai Dake


7I2tNgb.gif    y9YjmqV.gif    01etHeM.gif

War Knight: Joey Faust || Creature: Joey Faust || Craft Robo: Joey Faust


PLAYER SELECT - Guardians/Denjin Makai II


dmk2_kurokishi.gif     dmk2_zeldia.gif     mantis.gif     dobermann.gif

Kurokishi: Ihoo1836 || Zeldia: Descolor / T.D Kubota || Evil Mantis: Cenobite 53 / Skiff || Dobermann: Cenobite 53



Stages by Dorgol || Stages by Mature4evr



Denjin Makai's Characters Rips by Roket || Denjin Makai's Makai Sprites Rip by jin315 || Guardians Zeldia Sprites Rip by rgveda99

Ghost Chaser (SNES Denjin Makai) Sprites Rips by Grim || Guardians Sprites Rips by O Ilusionista

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