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Mr. Infinite Gouken download



Hey guys!!

I'm new here and I found a lot of helpful information on this site. I just found out about Infinite's gouken and of course wanted it. So I downloaded it, added it to my character folder, and so on. When I tried to play him: one, the image didn't even show up, and two, this error appeared:

Error message: Not a valid elem type: victoryquote
Error parsing [State 180, Victory Quotes(non-specific)]
Error in [Statedef 180]
Error in States\System.cns
Character needs to be updated. See docs/incompt*.txt.
Error loading chars/Gouken/Gouken.def
Error loading p1
Don't know why this is happening, but can someone please help me out. I'm using Winmugen (specifically Broken Mugen) 2001.11.14.
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Infinite Gouken could be possibly downgraded to WinMUGEN, or you could just load all your other stuff into the newer MUGEN 1.0 or MUGEN 1.1 beta releases.  To downgrade you would need to semi-colon out the 'winquote' states (180) and probably a bunch more stuff.  Would probably be easier to just get the latest MUGEN and import your stuff into that.  MUGEN 1.0 and 1.1 have more features and are more compatible with more stuff than WinMUGEN was.  WinMUGEN was actually a hack of the old DOS MUGEN and was never an official release from Elecbyte anyway.  But Infinite Gouken is a MUGEN 1,0 and later release and not for WinMUGEN.

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