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[BloodStorm] Cyberia


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>>>Download Here<<<


Toaster got in the mood to do BloodStorm crap again so he wanted us to make Cyberia so here ya go. Its also to help me practice more at getting the hang of parallax.

Winmugen+ and 1.0 compatible, including animation and parallax, as well as alternate .def file for widescreen. Enjoy.

Credits: N. for MAME cheat tool used to rip the sprites.

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BloodStorm is one of those games that I love just because of what it could have been.  There's some great concepts wrapped up in lousy mechanics and cliche'd character designs.

In short, I'm definitely downloading this stage.


Edit: Using it.  I like it.  I added actual BloodStorm music to it, though.  (I found it... ahem... inside Kingdom Hearts, if you're wondering)

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