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Ajust stage to widescreen



Hello forum people, i want to ask something,is there any way to make 4:3 stages zoom in a 16:9 screen?

every stage look like this:


there's black borders at the sides,any way to make them zoom like this to make the borders not visible?


(i drawed it because i can't get a way to explain in english)

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To 16:9 screen..
or you want to say that ..your whole stage should be shown.
for that there are zoom in and out values
zoomout = 0.6
zoomin = 1 [these belongs to my stage]

this was my first attemmpt with zoom in/out featured stage
you need to set these values along and also you need to possibly set/redo sprites/anim [deltas] until you get it right with your zoom feature..that's how i did.. and i no good or pro
May be someone [pro] suggest more detail way.
until then try this
zoom values u will need to paste under camera section.

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under [stageInfo] in the stage .def file


add "localcoord = 425,240" and reduce the boundright and boundleft by 55

This is only the case if the localcoord of the stage is 320x240 or none (defaulting to 320,240). Remember that you also have to halve the deltas for each BG Layer.

In the even that that the localcoord of your stage is 640x480, then you set the localcoord to 850,480 and adjust the bounds only. Leave the deltas alone at that point.

Oh that.... :heeee:

and he said zoom also :bath:

He's not talking about actual zoom from the sound of it. He's using the word here to describe the act of the stage filling the screen. It's the wrong term, but I think that's what he means.
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