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The Queen of Heart '99 / Party's Breaker 2001


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8 hours ago, Ryoucchi said:

Oh, i didnt know that

By the way,nyo's Hatsune sprites came from "ToFight Evolution" An Fighting game made by PIPIPI,Which means the author of that game also develops mugen content such as stages.


He has 2 sites.

In the normal one he makes fangames to Download.


In the Mugen one he makes stages for Mugen and also Steve Jobs.

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7 hours ago, Luis said:

AI Patch for Rina Ogata by luis2345. (Not me) Was made last year: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xomm3j3iv7hkyqc/RinaAI.rar


Edit: I realized I already posted this before but you never added it.:tableflip:

Yep,@Ryoucchi did not add ai for Rina by maruta...

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Also @Ryoucchi,Use the file Saori.7z of Mediafire to replace the link,Because the one you uploaded on mega.nz Is an Outdated version I got on the Fullgame!


imo... I have 2 Chars to share,both by crain. Tomoko and Lemmy,but in different versions.


Lemmy (Without strikers version): https://www.dropbox.com/s/iif1ez5qooyz0w5/remy.zip?dl=0

Tomoko_K (crain's Tomoko but with Moves she never had such as Reflection attack,Za Warudo and etc...): https://www.dropbox.com/s/yiv8tvn8rqsngi6/tomoko_k.zip?dl=0

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Asahi by ŒÏ‹{‘Yˆê


And Maid Multi by Mikura.



I requested both these on Mugen archive and Sol Badguy the support staff gave me an link called the unleaded archives. I asked about hatsune but he had only that Asahi and maid multi.



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