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Alpyne's Kustom B-G-M Showcase & Request Thread

Sir Lord Alpyne

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a thread to share BGMs i've work'd on or are workin' on in Da WrekkShop, some of which i might need help with y'know, like ideas & such, as well as takin' requests for bgms y'all might wish to be made, & i'll try to do whatever in my power to get it done. also, as always, feedback is most welcome, it's how i improve.

a'ight, let's kick it off:

was workin' on these since Friday, just finish'd the final kuts a few hours ago:

New Wave - from the Streets Of Rage Remake



this 1 was a request from Yuyu:

Eastern Moon [YuYuStars Edition] - Shin Akuma's Theme from CvS2, tweak'd a bit




also: tho chances are i'll post a link to any given bgm i put on here, if there's a joint i post here & i neglect to have linkage for it, if you want it, just lemme know, a'ight?

more to come y'all, so stay tuned.....

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Hey Alp, you think you could remix this song?:


You can get it here: http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/king-of-fighters-1999-arrange-sound-trax

Just go to the track marked "05 wwiii.mp3". Then, go to "Download to Computer" and Right click, save.

BTW, nice work on "New Wave".

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ok, so i can add on, maybe a slight rearrangement, but not totally redo. gimme an idea of what you'd like to be tweak'd on this track [which is pretty phukkin' sweet already], so i'll have a launchpad for my brain.

Sure, why not? I'm not really sure, but maybe try to tweak the part between 1:23 - 2:03, along with 2:56 - 4:15.
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it's an old skool term DBS, but you're part of Gen Y, so you wouldn't understand, http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//laugh.png

but i just got back to this y'all, so imma get to work on it, & i'll keep ya posted.

shit, i just remember'd, i gotta go post the dl link for tha BGM i kut for the Enemies Of Fear SP awhile back.

ahh, phukk it, i'll post the BGM itself here. after all, that's kinda 1 of the points of this thread, right? http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png

Enemies Of Fear Screenpack BGM [intro/Title/Select]


just to be fair tho, ya still gotta go for the DL link to the joint, y'all :GHEYFACE:

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BGM files are back online.

fileden was down for a few days, so they couldn't be heard. also, the link for the E.O.F. joint has been updated, the link to the topic where the DL link is located is in the same post as the kut is up above.

anywho, let the tweakage continue http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//laugh.png

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok, fresh outta Da WrekkShop, nothin' too fancy, kuts from the Streets of Rage Remake:

SMS Power II



Violent Breathing



the followin' 3 bgms are not that drastic from each other, i just tweak'd out the intros differently on the last 2:

SorR Player Select



SorR Player Select [Alpyne D Edition]



& this last 1's for you Ry:

Streets of Rage Vs Final Fight Fighter Select



it's part of the bgm set i told you i'd make for the SoRvsFF 'ject a while back. i might not necessarily be finish'd with this joint yet, i feel like somethin' could be missin' from it......

anywho, i still hafta finish the title, vs, & victory bgms, tho i have finish'd kuttin' a Game Over bgm. the 1 i've done already is SoR-styled, & i'm still gonna kut 1 that's FF-styled, just so the player will have the option of which 1 they'd like to use for that screen:

Street of Rage Vs Final Fight Game Over [SoR]



y'know what Ry? you should do a couple of grim yet encouragin' 'game over'-type sound bites, sorta like the game over on 3rd Strike, then run dem shitz to me so i can mix'em in the bgms! put thought to it, then get back to me.

Progress, Alpyne?

i'm tryin' to wrap my head around WW III, & how to tweak it, but so far i've got nothin', it's just so frickin' sweet already. got any ideas on what to add, like sounds or whatnot?

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i'm aware, which is why i said i'm not really done with it yet, cuz i feel the same way. you know you & i think alike at times http://mugenfreeforall.com/public/style_emoticons//biggrin.png i'll post some links soon bruh.

also, if you need bgms for the stages you plan on usin', let me know, or better yet, send me gifs of said stages so i can pick the tracks for'em.

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