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Super animation off-screen



So I downloaded Kohaku's Vermillion Akiha (which plays like a CVS character) and the problem I have is that when I use a super, the animations for it (the portrait and the name of the character) appear off screen as you can see in the picture. Any ideas on how to fix this?



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that shouldn't be the issue.


if your using a 1280x720 resolution, your better off setting your character to there proper resolution which is 320x240.


in short, Localcoord is an advance scaling mugen has for sprites.

depending on your scale value depends on how much it will scale. regular values in a character are.


320x240 (low res character, Melty Blood , King Of Fighters 94~XI)

640x480 (high res character, Guilty Gear, Arcana Heart)

1280x720 (HD characters, Blazblue, Dengeki Fighting Climax)


from the looks of the issue. it may be stage related in some way.


i've noticed when using a 1.0 characters in 1.1, with certain stages. explods (effects) get misplaced.

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