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Resolution problem?





Well, as you can see, the number of wins overlaps Charlotte's name, and the combo counter blocks the opponent's health. (And their combos blocks mine.) So, is this another resolution issue, or what?


I didn't know whether this other question I have is a request or what, but I don't know where to put it, so here it is: About Mappa's Bison (The Hi-res NSFW one) what music plays when you beat him. That appears on this screen:



It sounds like music I really want for when I ever find a cool screenpack with a winquote screen.

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I would love to find a bigger one, but there isn't another one that I can find that holds my roster, but doesn't use custom ports and have a winquote screen. Actually, I don't even know how many characters I have... And, I don't really want a extremely big on that has a LOT, either. I'm just too picky.

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Pretty much everything you need to do is...


1) get Fighter Factory 3

2) figure out what graphic in the screenpack's SFF is the grid for the character select

3) do some math to figure out how to make more blocks fit in the given grid

4) edit said graphic and save the SFF (make a backup,too)

5) apply brilliant math skills to editing the [select info] part of the screenpack's system.def


Obviously, you need to account for things like the border around the character icons and so forth.  If the grid is an animation or something cool like that, you might be in for some fun.  VSelect is very helpful for modifying the character select screen if you're not currently using a hardware scaled resolution (1.1 only issue).


If you're worried about the character icons getting too pixelated, just double (or triple) your gamewidth and gameheight settings.  That may invoke some issues which are solvable with Mugen 1.1.

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