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Localcoord that matches the 1.5 cns resize



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for small characters your better off using the x and y scale from the CNS.


instead of changing the localcoord. because it throws off small and big ports.


You'd screw up every velocity and position for the ports?



Math should be something like:

320 / cns = newcoord


This math actually goes against how I thought this worked, but whatever.


so 320 / 1.5 = 213


y value doesn't matter, you don't even have to bother.  Just put something like localcoord = 213,lol

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thats why i try to do scaling and stuff before making a character.

doing it after causes issues like this.


you can fix this by doing what the above says.


but if your small ports and big ports are really bad looking and it eventually buggs the hell out of you.


I said so. LOL.

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