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I have 2 simple questions to ask as i am a newbe so, plz mercy ..i beg u to answer


1st =>

in cns file

i used type = gamemakeanim,

i stoped p1 and played anime but p2 kicked p1's ass and stoped anime,now my question is how can i pause p2 from moving..

2nd =>

in cns file

i used type = pause or superpause,

i paused the screen and now,

i want to make it move but not after sometime but after a button press.

i hope for ur help i use mugen1.0

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its recommended not to use "gamemakeanim" instead using a "explod" code which offers you more control over the effect.

but explods and gamemakeanim are SIMPLY EFFECTS.


If you want to pause the opponent there is a PAUSE code

[State 0, Pause]
type = Pause
trigger1 = time = 0
time = 30
movetime = 30
;endcmdbuftime = 0
pausebg = 1
;ignorehitpause =
;persistent =

That is it up there, that will pause p2 and the background for 30 ticks. p1 will be able to move during those 30 ticks.


if you want it to move after a button is pressed. thats a bit more different, I can't think off the top of my head what you could use to make that work?

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" but explods and gamemakeanim are



well the truth is I am trying to code movelist in kfm so , I want gamemakeanim to work.

that's why I want p2 to sit like a trained tommy (I mean to get pause)

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makegameanim is pointless.


because all it does is call animations from the fightfx.air file.


where as explods call animations from character and or fightfx.air file.


explods are superior.


also, I've never coded a movelist on a character.


There is a kaede from The Last Blade, that has a movelist on him you should look at that?




You could use a helper a think, to pause everything and disappear and all.

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He wants you to tell him the author of that Kaede


If i remember right, it's not good to code movelists in chars because even though everything is paused, your character is still allowed to move hence why it isnt done often.

You can probably get away with it in a fullgame since more control

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