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Quote from Noz:

"The wait is over,Legacy is here

you have 4 versions in 1 package
there is a 150+ characters that have portraits made by me
you can find the ports in the ports and templates folder
there are all the templates for the screenpack

Custom things you can do:

*you can have images for stage select
 there is a folder in the ports area
 thats has a few pre-made ports for the
 stages,in order to use images in stage
 select,in the data folder select the version
 that says custom,either big roster or small,
 the is a stage font map to tell you how to
 change them,open the stage font in fighter factory
 to change them

*you can change the press start intro art and
 the main menu art,templates are included and
 some pre-made ports thanks to a few guys at
 mugen figthers guild

*there's 2 versions of the lifebars,one with the
 powerbars on top(default) and one with the power
 bars on the bottom,you can choose it on the data

*you can choose from 3 announcers
 sfxt,ssf4 and kof13

*you have 2 roster types big and small,the difference
 is they have different small portraits,9000,0

big roster with normal stage font



big roster with custom stage font



small roster with normal stage font



small roster with custom stage font



part 1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/zkd1o23op5jdj6h/LEGACY.part1.rar
part 2 http://www.mediafire.com/download/un22b3vhoa285uq/LEGACY.part2.rar
part 3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/wjrin3l4enmz77f/LEGACY.part3.rar

divided the link in 3 parts,its large because of the full portrait and template folders

To the beta testers thank you and update,cause there's a few changes

Thank you all for your patience,leave feedback and enjoy,this work is owned not just by me,but the mugen community,this one is for my fans
and friends that have supported my work over the years,from E.O.F to WarZoNe,Legacy is my gift to you all,thank you,please read the readme included in the package for instructions"




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YES!! Finally!! :D


Ah people, if Team Arcade crashs, made this:



Go to the select.def and go into the order of matches at the bottom,in the second row thats for team modes,the first number is 0,change it to 1 or any number and save,then try
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fixed a few portraits,included the font to install in the templates folder and made the screenpack,portraits and templates into separate downloads,also I still put the font link in there just in case

*fixed Benimaru portrait,thanks to Reck for pointing that out

*added missing K' portrait,thanks to Reck for pointing that out

*fixed the select.def issue with simul modes

*added font file to install in order to make the portraits



SCREENPACK http://www.mediafire.com/download/61jwhhtzhj7djz6/LEGACY.rar

PORTRAITS http://www.mediafire.com/download/6pn8wbyggt8llpj/LEGACY_PORTRAITS.rar

TEMPLATES http://www.mediafire.com/download/828p27888ltgcff/LEGACY_TEMPLATES.rar

Font Link


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