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[1.0] Weegee, Sasquatch, and Cheap Sasquatch by Adrian released 8/31/14


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(If I recall correctly) Weegee is edited from Freddery II's Weegee, Sasquatch uses KFM as a template, and Cheap Sasquatch doesn't lose life when hit.

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Focusing purely on Sasquatch here...


  • His jump is a hop. He can't even jump over Kung Fu Man. Not only that but you can't jump over him either.
  • His idle stance CLSN boxes flow like jello... As if AutoCLSN was used.
  • X1NiVXT.png
  • Missing required sprites and anims
  • His X+A, Y+B, and Z+C supers do... absolutely nothing. Summons an effect and that's it. Even took a look at his code just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Considering Ryu has this too, I feel compelled to ask: is Adrian doing this intentionally?
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Seeing as how Sasquatch is one of my Darkstalker mains, I might as well put in my two cents.


-The dash is probably the worst offense. Sasquatch's dash, in the source game, does not hurt on contact like it does with this char. On a similar note, during Sasquatch's dash, you are supposed to be able to do any of his air moves. You can't do this with Adrian's version.

-Sasquatch's Big Freezer takes off half of the foe's life. HALF. Furthermore, it's supposed to hit once, not eleven times. There was no super pause in the original game, but I'll let it slide since he's trying to make it MvC styled.

-the big breath is supposed to cover them in a huge block of ice and knock them down, not make them slightly bluish. Plus, the effect... looks awkward. I think it has to do with the fading away of the breath. Plus, it gets push back when it's not supposed to.

-Z+C is supposed to summon a horde of explosive penguins, not be the same as X+A/Y+B.

-The big swing is supposed to be done with a full circle, not a half circle. The big Brunch is done with a half circle. Plus, it looks awkward. It's like when he spins around with the foe, the foe disappears on one side.

-There's some weird QCB+Kick attack that I don't think was ever in any darkstalkers game. Don't quote me on that, I'll have to check.

-The Big Towers doesn't make a sound.

-Doesn't really feel like MvC. There are no launchers 

-No big ice burn? Oh come on! That super was hilarious.


Overall, this is what you'd expect from Adrian.

On an unrelated note, do you guys know of any good sasquatch chars?

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