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Nicole Neil


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Copied from read me.


Name : Nicole Neil
Origin : Guardian Heroes
Prowess : Magic
Minor : Physical
Version : Release 1

Nicole is by far the hardest Guardian Hero character I've made so far.
Not because of her attacks but because of the damn Cape.

Nicole made by WZ_4, has the cape on the character as a single sprite but in game it was a transparent cape, So I wanted to implement it properly.

If I followed the accurate method (WZ_4) she would be a slow and not very fighting game like character, So I made her alot more fun to play with compared to his slower version in the actual game.
Very easy to string together combos and such.
Nicely exaggerated supers.

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I disabled the cape.


if you go into her cmd or her CNS.


near the bottom has the helper for the cape. I nulled it.


just replace with type = helper


it doesnt work properly thats why its disabled.

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