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Standard Portraits


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Your portraits are awesome, sometimes i wonder where did you get the artwork source (Was curious if there's any other Waku Waku 7 artwork in same style of that Arina).



I just found all of them on Google, lol!

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Fantastic portraits Madlax! My favourite ones are Orochi, Luise Meyrink, Kula, May and Adelheid Bernstein. :)

Thank you as always. :)


I thought Basara was gonna make more attention on rather what you have mentioned.



@Winmugen, how do you add these portraits btw? :D I never knew how to at all.

I can help you with that, just pm me if you want to know how. And as what I replied on Remzy's quote below it's more easier for me to use Classic than 3. Or maybe I should just make a small tutorial on this one?



You can just use fighter factory 3, find the characters portrait in the sprites and replace it.

I use Fighter Factory Classic to replace/change my character portraits.



Wow this is pretty cool, I will use some of them for my roster.


Thanks for making these!

You're welcome.

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Classic couldn't open sffv2 though lol (Rajaa's, Kamekaze's and pretty much all 1.0 only characters)

Good point, I experience it myself make sense now why I get "Stream Error" message. Well I know how to change them in FF3 too, but since I'm still... using... WinMugen+ I used FF Classic. My Purpose for using FF3 is for color separation only or if I can't open a stage.

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