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Rips by G.o.D.

Alex S.

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First of all, move this if this is the wrong place. I haven't seen an "Open Source" or "Resources" board and the Etcetera board divides everything, so I don't know where to put this.
With that said,
 Let's get to the rips I've done during the years of my mugen-ing:
(that means some are new, some are not)


2559.png All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation
Sound effects

2397.png DragonBall Final Bout

16982.gifBandai Logo
Cell voices and SFX
Future Trunks voices and SFX
Kid Goku voices and SFX
SSJ4 Goku voices and SFX
Ultimate Gohan voices and SFX
Baby Oozaru voices and SFX
(actually I have to update every soundpack, but they are mostly complete)

975.png DragonBall GT Transformation

2851.gifSSJ4 Goku spritesheet (update of DooM's old spritesheet)

2533.png DragonBall TR (pirate game)

17912.gifGoku & Miscellaneous

2641.png DragonBall Z 2: Super Battle

Sounds, voices

385.png DragonBall Z Super Butouden 3

7717.gifCyborg 18
17853.gifFonts (unfinished rip)

896.png DragonBall Z Budokai 3

Announcer (Dragon Arena)
Announcer (Tournament)
Cooler (Eng)
Gohan (Eng)
Omega Shenron (Eng)

2493.png DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 1 (Sparking!)


2418.png DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Sparking! Meteor)

Cell Jr

116.png DragonBall Z Buyuu Retsuden


2576.png Dragon Ball Z: Legends (Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu)


2408.png Dragon Ball Z Infinite World

Android 17 (Eng)
Gohan (Jap)
Pan (Jap)

282.png DragonBall Z Shin Butouden

27 characters + 7 stages

2393.png DragonBall Z Ultimate Battle 22-27

18323.pngKid Goku

17777.gif + snd.png Mirror

17778.gif + snd.png Mirror

17779.gif + snd.png Mirror


2528.png Dragon Ball: Final Bout (pirate)

17834.gifGoku spritesheet

2516.png Final Fantasy VIII


2417.png Kakuge-Yaro: Fighting Game Creator

All SFX and voices

2630.png Outlaws of the Last Dynasty


2620.png Tekken Advance

18632.pngGunJack's Stage

DDFFicon.PNG Dissidia Duodecim FF

IconDDFF-images.pngimages, graphics, fonts, small portraits, big portraits

2656.png Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS2)







2655.png Street Fighter EX 3



I think that's all.
No requests!
I may update this from time to time.

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Yo Alex,


Those are some cool rips you've done there! I noticed many of those originate from DBZ games. Does that mean DBZ is one of your favourite franchises?


Oh and you named the topic "Rips by G.o.D.". Why not "Rips by Alex S."? And what does G.o.D. stand for?


Sorry for all those questions, hope it's not a bother to you. :)

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Just to inform you a bit, "G.o.D" was (and I think still) is a name that he goes by. He either goes by G.o.D, or Alex, whatever he likes it.


And to get back on topic, not bad on the resources. >.> Hope you don't mind if I take a few.

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"G.o.D." = God of Death. Don't miss the last period! :P

It was my first nickname when I registered in the forums. I still use it for my rips (and in some forums), but you can also find Alex S. together with it.

I like DBZ and I have played a lot of DBZ games in my life. I have all the PS1 and PS2 games (minus SuperDBZ).

Now I see the Resources, thanks Excahm. Can someone move it there, please?

No, I didn't rip any stages from DB Advanced Adventure.


Thanks Ryoucchi.

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