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Bern & Lambda by Hanyu-Maru released (8/1/2014)


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I have seen this Higurashi vs Touhou Universe 2 some time ago.

This manly "Bern & Lambda" couple is one of their Umineko DLC, if anyone is interested then please visit http://www.18kingyo.com/sonohivstouhou2-use-svt_dlc.html


On that web page it also shows that Ange and Beatrice are in the Umineko DLC:

HZINsdy.jpg  7R3Y6zM.jpg


By the way, this manly "Bern & Lambda" couple in MUGEN seems to have smaller scaled sizes:

In their Bern&Lambda.cns:

xscale           = 0.55       ;キャラの横の大きさ(絶対値・float)
yscale           = 0.55       ;キャラの縦の大きさ(絶対値・float)


I myself changed it to:

xscale           = 0.65       ;キャラの横の大きさ(絶対値・float)
yscale           = 0.65       ;キャラの縦の大きさ(絶対値・float)


So that the manly "Bern & Lambda" couple in my MUGEN1.0 looks bigger now:



They are now matching with the "official sizes"  LOL

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I was excited to see the name Bern and Lambda, almost thought it was going to be like Lam & Bat.


Lol this feels cringe-worthy. How do these characters compare to Dong Dong characters?




You're making a Bern?! Please let me beta test her!

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You're making a Bern?! Please let me beta test her!


@Ryochi & Bjay:

Yes I am making Bern...she is about 30% done for now (heck those fragments thingy is sooooooooooooooo hard to mugenize).

But, I am still using Boomer's OMK MUGEN template, and I foresee my Bern will surely make MUGEN1.0 lag more than my Beato and Lia......so I decide to throw my Bern WIP away and give up using Boomer's OMK MUGEN template and will try to look for another available OMK MUGEN template.


As for Lia, I was thinking to make a "lighter" patch after seeing your test result.  But after a few minutes I gave up the idea -- simply because no matter what I try, Boomer's OMK MUGEN template still produces lag in MUGEN1.0.

Thus, the only way for me is to re-do her from the ground up - not using Boomer's anymore.

I hesitate to ask Yu-Toharu and baggy for their permission for me to use theirs as the base, because I don't want to use their "select partner" part.

I am thinking to ask Websta for his permission for me to use his and as the base.

So, if you think using Websta's OMK MUGEN template is a good idea then I will go ask him for his permission.

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