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Ibuki by Farengeit released 7/27/14

The Magic Toaster

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No, there isn't.


 So, I was reading in other forums this character was quite good, so I downloaded it.

And now feedback:

- CLSNs are too many (in the standing animation there's a total of 9 collision boxes); this is one of the first things Elecbyte says you have to avoid in the docsBAD

- she is very very slow; in some attacks she should have control to move around, before the animation finishes (like in the Standing Strong Kick); BAD

- a lot of basic attacks are misaligned in-game (with this I mean she slides when she does the attacks like the standing medium punch, or the standing strong punch: do you see where the feet are placed and do you know where they should stay? To solve this use posadds); most of the SF3 characters that are not trying to be accurate have this mistake, I hate it; BAD

- the supermoves deal too much damage

level 1 supers deal from 240 to 300 or 400 or even 500 (the "shuriken from the sky" super);

level 2 supers deal from 400 to 600;

level 3 supers deal from 700 to 720, but if you're lucky the "shuriken from the sky" level 3 super can kill or almost kill the enemy;     SUPER BAD

- the Hashin Shou should allow you to super jump right after the last hit which sends the enemy upward (like a launcher), I shouldn't wait the animation of the attack to be finished, then jump normally; Nitpick of mine

- I see no use in D,DF,F, any punch; they are the same, and other than hitting the enemy, it has no use; actually this could be said to various other specials; Nitpick of mine

- I like how the Hien works (Ibuki jumps to the enemy then kicks them, then jumps back), it has a good flow and it's really fast; Good

- it has a palette selector, and that is ok. But I don't care actually. Indifferent


So, it is a bit decent, not bad. But not to my standards. If I were to give a rating I would give this a 6.54 out of 10. The ideas are there, but they're not well executed, the character would need a damage dampener for all of his supers and the animations should be much faster.


And no, I don't care if it is Divine styled or anything, that doesn't give more points to my rating.

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