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[Full Game] Call of Cthulhu DEMO released by yuureisouB 2014-07-13


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This looks real... disturbing... Is this from a anime? It sure looks like it...

No. A scary American story by HP Lovecraft written in 1926. Cthulhu is like...a giant, octopus-headed b@st@rd who ruled the world through mind control during Atlantis era, and plans to do it again, but he's kind of "waking up" from hibernation. So, as he is awakening, he uses his mind control and ability to influence people psychically (i.e., the "call") to start building cults and groups who will make his world domination easier in the modern era (1920's). Shuma Gorath was kind of Marvel's version of him.




If this was anime, it would prob be some 12 yo he/she boy who beats up like.............umm.....a transexual gorilla with a butterknife, or something.

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The thing about the Great Old Ones (as Cthulhu and his kind are called) is that they exist in an otherwise rational world where everything is normal, so just seeing them (and, in some cases, just learning such creatures can exist) is so against what people of the time think of as "reality" that it just breaks their brains entirely, and this has generally translated into most portrayals of them causing madness just from looking at them.


And, yes, there are more Great Old Ones, all of which look different and impossibly alien, with Cthulhu (despite being a hundred-foot-tall immortal and invulnerable deity) being pretty close to the bottom of the heap power-wise.  They don't really want to conquer humanity, because they barely even know humanity exists.  They kill humans and destroy human civilization with the same lack of awareness that you might accidentally destroy an anthill while you're taking a walk in the woods.  As far as they're aware, they already rule the universe.


They are Giygas at his brain-breakingly creepiest and most powerful, long before Giygas existed.


Shuma-Gorath, in the comics, is meant to be that same level of power (which is odd that he's known mostly as a weird and sort of underpowered fighting game character).


Which makes it hard to put them into a video game, really (Mugen or otherwise).  Once you give something like the Great Old Ones stats, they lose a lot of what makes them them.  (Which is probably what happened to Shuma)


That said, I'll give this a try if I can.  (I mostly want to see whether I can pull the characters out and use them in my main game)


Edit: They can be pulled out and used in regular Mugen, so I've given them a try.


Many of these (Excalibur, Bastet, Cthulhu himself, etc) appear to be spriteswaps of the same tiny hyper-fast self-healing character, all with the exact same "tearing up the ground" animations and the same "hovering in the air while punching madly" attack.  Yes, Cthulhu, who is supposed to be a hundred feet tall, instead stands waist-high to Ryu. (And it's not just because all the characters are supposed to be equally huge.  He's the same size as HBL, the normal human in the pack)


The few that aren't spriteswaps are still terrible all around, with default sounds, very few animations, and generally nothing interesting about them.  (The latter complaints also apply to the spriteswaps)


Even for a "demo", it's all very, very disappointing.

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