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Searching for a type of characters

柊 明


I'm searching for "robo" characters.


I already know these characters:

Robo Ky (Muteki)

Old Robo-Ky (Ukege)

Robo-Ky (Ukege)

Robo-Ky Mk-II (Ukege)

Robo-Ky Mk-III (Ukege)

Robo-Sol (Ukege)

Robo-Jam (Ukege)

Robo-Len (Ukege)

ZAGI (Ukege)

Robo-Akatsuki (ShowBuySpirit)


Robo-Ky P (Rei)

GG Ky (Rei)

Eins (Rei)

Zwei (Rei)


So if anyone can help me to find more of them, I'll be grateful.

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