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Agumon by Mikel8888 released (4/28/2014)


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Kinda simple but fun to play IMO, also the effects are nice. I personally think this is the best Agumon so far (i really don't like that 3d one).


If you find his size is too small, change his localcoord to 200,150 (as seen on screenshot, it's acceptable for me).


Warning: The AI loves to spam fireballs.

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  • Supers give back power on hit.
  • Throw super has improper bindings all over the place.
  • No damage dampening
  • Throw and Suplex are able to hit both airborne opponents and opponents still in hitstun.
  • Animation timings on his normals are wonky. For instance, 5y has 0 recovery frames while j.5y has only 1 startup frame.
  • Hitboxes also seem to be wonky. For instance, he has lower body invincibility on his standing jab?
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