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MugenDOS Screenpack [1280x720]


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Well guys finally this project is finished lol 
and well i guess i have some "bad" news in a sense is that i kept the Main Menu the same and i did not change how the sprites look so yea thats pretty much the down side of it 
but other than that its pretty much the same and how you guys saw
i finished the other color theme ones too so you have the opinion to pick the Red ,Blue or Green one ;D
anyways enough of talk i guess if any question you guys can just post something hehe
Green Version Screenshot:
Blue Version Screenshot:
Red Version Screenshot:
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this is freaking AWWWWWWWWWESOME

im so excited to see this

Wowww :awesome

Very Good Job Sir


No..its quite very good .there is nothing wrong or down about it

I love it



Oh wow this is tight! +1



Simple and awesome. Nice work)). +1


thanks alot guys

im glad you guys like it 

and thanks for all the support this makes me feel like doing more stuff lol

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On ‎02‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 4:53 PM, NathanSonicFan2016 said:

so now i know dos mugen is different form winmugen

Actually DOS Mugen is like this:


When Elecbyte did in in 9X,07,27 to 2000,01,01


But I don't know about 06/27/2000 version of DOS Mugen...



The pic of MUGEN Dos version of 31/07/2000



The screenshot of the 29/11/2000 of DOS Mugen...

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