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1.1 P4U Ultimax Suplex Hold Remix Project SP [1280x720] by SXVector


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I've decided to release my P4U Remix SP for 1.1 even though I kind of wanted to finish more ports but I guess I couldn't wait!
Here is the SP and it's a mix between P4U2 and P4A/P4U. Port making is self explanatory, if you need help, please pm me or request a vid for port making. Thx! Right now it's 4x14 slots, you can edit it yourself to add more, it's not hard =)
DL Link:
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Lol you can always edit it o-O

Yea...but i hate editing other ppl works :p


why green? I'm following based on P4U2 itself. The bars are yellow.

does this look yellow to you ?


But sadly we cant change the colors of the bars like in the game : (

Besides green fits it a loooot better.

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Woo I'm suprised someone is still using this SP im happy. I'm kinda might go back to this sp as my main sp lol =3

Yes please do come back Reverse Yu!!! I've spent many days searching for a gd HD sp and when I saw this I thought this is definitely the one for me.

Great sp, very customizable, nice colors, beautiful light effects :)

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I see, as in making more ports for this sp or like new sp? o-o

This SP :) Maybe even upgrade this SP? eg. More motion graphic effects, opening animation, storyline (visual novel style), etc. Sorry if it's impossible, I'm just yelling out my imaginations :P

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Hi Okami, I'm using your "Persona 4 Arena Ultra Suplex Old Remix" 's screenpack but I'm having problems with the characters' portraits. I have tried to make them for Persona 4 arena's characters but they do not come well once inserted
I noticed that the portraits of the characters you entered are larger in size than those made by me, but I only edited the photos of the files that you have provided.I don't know what is the ptoblem.I remember that a couple of years ago I was able to do them perfectly by watching the tutorial you released. Can you help me??

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