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Milk Aka Chi-Chi By COLOSSE.


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they change her name in the spanish and latin version of DBZ since the name chi-chi is very similar to "chichis" witch means boobs in spain :B


Ya know what's funny


"Chichi" is also an (old) slang for boobs in Japanese lol

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I look on guild, seem this Chi-Chi has been update (and maybe gonna be update again soon too). Thomas, you might want to give a link to guild thread as well.

already added. C: and btw he have updated it

-no more goku/gohan voices,

-fixed stand animation

-landing sound fixed

-all 5000's sprites & anims, same thing for crouching sprites.; however don't expect crouching attacks since you can't crouch in the original game.

-fixed jumping attacks.

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I think I already mentioned somewhere that, unless the feedback (be it bash or cash) is directed to the MUGEN creator/author, or the MUGEN creator/author comes to read about it, any feedbacks in the News topics are........futile.


For news posts, in my opinion the more important thing is, the topic maker and the reply-ers can update the news post when they find some updates made by the MUGEN creator/author.


The case is a different story if, and only if, any posters here take over the MUGEN product and update it and post a patch or something, on the other hand.


Feel free to Alpha-counter my viewpoint........



[EDIT]:  Sorry folks.........I think I am nobody to try to "teach" people how to post..............just disregard my above lines......feedback is feedback, not only the MUGEN creator/author needs that.  I just forgot to take my pill.....

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