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Garfield by Veanko released 2014/02/05


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[Veanko's Comment]


About garfields gameplay. if you have ever played my sonic characters he pretty much plays like those. but you probably don't remember them so i will go into more detail. he plays sorta like a street fighter/Z2 char with 3 buttons for attacks(X,Y and Z) and can dial a combo(inless his in the air. i don't like air combos all that much) he can special cancel as well as super cancel(though theres only 1 super he can combo into).
Since garfield isn't much of a fighter. He relies more on his wits and tricks rather than brute strength. You will want to focus on tricking the enemy to fall into your combos rather than charging at them like leeory jenkins.
Garfield also has a digestion mechanic. everytime he eats some food(read the movelist for more detail) he will gain a food stack. he can then use these food stacks to gain some buffs for a short time. how long these buffs last depend on how many food stacks you had.

Currently he has:
- 1 intro
- 4 winposes
- a throw(forward and backward though they are both the same)
- 2 command moves
- 5 specials
- 4 supers
- AI(scales on difficulty)
What he is currently missing:
- a taunt
- more intros
[Personal comment]
A very good conversion to Mugen of Garfield by Veanko (whom you might remember from his take on MugenHunter's Sonic, Tails and Knuckles). Has a very interesting movelist and comes with 6 palettes and a tough/annoying AI which can best be dealt with via rushdown.

all of these moves require at least 1 food stack. with 1 food stack they last 2 seconds and for every extra stack they last an extra 2 seconds. for example: 1 food stack = 2 seconds. 2 food stacks = 4 seconds. 3 food stacks = 6 seconds etc...
gain food stacks by eating food which you can summon with his Whats That? special.
Unwakeable                     = A(no directon) - Garfield becomes immune to all attacks
True Power                     = ←/→ A - All of garfields attacks become unblockable
Rapid Enengy                   = ↓ A - Garfield regains power constantly. is canceled if he gets hit(Excludes blocking)
Healthy Diet                   = ↑ A - Garfield regains health constantly. is canceled if he gets hit(INCLUDES blocking!!!)
Sleep = B
Garfield goes to sleep. while sleeping you will regain power and health slowly. let go of B to stop sleeping(you will have to sleep for the first 2 seconds so be careful when useing this move)
Sofa Push = ↓→ P 
Garfield pushes a sofa out of nowhere. for the first few frames the sofa will damage enemies. it will also block upto 4 attacks(useful agaisnt those pesky projectie spammers). lasts around 5                                            seconds. the version you use changes the amount of damage. how far it goes and the startup time. has a long recovery time for all verisons. this move can be preformed in the air.
Call Odie = ↓← P
Garfield calls for odie. which causes him to run on stage. once on stage he will start digging. after digging for about 5 seconds whatever he digged up will come flying out of the hole. if it hits your opponent they will be dizzy for around 2 seconds. the version you use changes where odie digs.
Whats That? = ↓↓ P
Garfield looks up to the sky to see some food fall down from outer space! if he runs over it he will eat it. the opponent can also eat it. so be careful when useing it around them.
the type of food that drops depends on the version you use. X = burger(50 health) Y = sundae(500 power) Z = chocolate(25 health and 250 power)
News Paper Rampage = →↓← P
Garfield grabs a news papaer and attempts to swat the opponent with it. this is a throw. meaning it only has 1 active frame and can't hit people in the air. but it also means its unblockable. this move does very little damage. but you can combo into it and out of it. makeing it very useful for combos.
X version keeps them on the ground. Y version knocks them up into the air and Z version knocks them away from you but does alot more damage.
Break The Fouth Wall = ←↓← X
Garfield says how much he hates mondays or that he is bored. for some reason this makes his opponent really mad and will blindly charge(walk)in a fit of rage.
 this is a fullscreen throw. but has a very long startup time and has the recovery time of a snail. so its not really something you can just throw out there(oh yeah since its a throw you cant hit people in the air with it)
He Comes = ←↓← Y
Garfield does a Zalgo impression(oh great a meme how original) if the opponent is too close to him they will shit themselfs and run away for around 2 seconds. while running away they can't be hit.This is also a throw but isn't fullscreen(has about the range of a normal throw) but you can combo into it. since the oppoent can't be hit while shitting themselfs and since it does no damage it is really only useful if you want some breathing room.
Rageanator = ←↓← Z
Garfield pulls out a raygu- i mean a mini Rageantor(you get a cookie if you know where the Rageantor comes from. hint: its not from a garfield strip/cartoon) and shoots a little red beam at the opponent. if it hits them it makes them inraged which causes them to walk back and fouth like an ADHD kid. they will be inraged for around 4 seconds.
unlike the other 2 moves this isn't a throw but instead a projectile. this means it is blockable but it still can't hit people in the air. this is probably the most powerful of the three control moves but is the hardest to hit with.
>---LV1 SUPER MOVES---< (costs 1000 power)
Mind Control = ↓→↓→ P
Garfield picks up a NES controller and attempts to control the enemy with it. if he is successful you will gain direct control over your opponent for about 10 seconds.
while controlled they will lose some power every second(for a maximum of 600 power) you can stop controlling them by pressing start which will dizzy for the duration of the control. but they wont lose power while uncontrolled. while controlling them you can make them walk or crouch but you can't make them jump or attack.
this is a fullscreen grab like Break The Fouth Wall. it has a startup time of 6 ticks but it still has a really long recovery time and you can't hit people in the air with it.
If the AI hits you with this move they will make you teabag yourself. so if you don't want your character to lose there virginity avoid this move at all costs.
FIRE!!! = ↓←↓← P
Garfield screems FIRE!!! if the opponent is too close they will believe there is a fire somewhere on the stage and will head towards the fire exit. garfield will think he has outwitted his opponent if only this game abided by newtons laws of physics. this is sorta a throw but not really. its unblockable but you can hit people who are in the air with it and combo into it. this move does little damage(130) but ignores the damage dampener so good for combos.
>---LV2 SUPER MOVES---< (costs 2000 power)
Coffee = ↓↓↓ A
Garfield chugs down some coffe(don't chug down coffe btw) this move doesn't really do anything for the first 2 seconds but if he doesn't get hit he will burp. which will hit anyone who is really close to him. the burp is unblockable and does 200 damage but is really short range and has a 2 second startup time.
you may be thinking this move is useless intil you realise that this moves buffs all of his stats(speed, attack and defense) for the rest of the match. the first time you do it the stat boost isn't really that great but you can stack it up to 3 times. if you do this move 3 times Garfield will start jumping around like hes on the freaking moon.
>---LV3 SUPER MOVES---< (costs 3000 power) 
The Time Master = ↓→↓← P
Garfield pulls out a stopwatch and pauses time for around 15 seconds. that should be pretty self explanatory but all damage you deal is reduced by 75% and you can't use the
digestion mechanic(and vice versa) even so this move is pretty broken lol but garfield gets power really slowly so whatever also don't use this move while the oppoent is in a invincibility frame. why you shouldn't do that is obvious.

[Original Topic]
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After testing him, his A.I. isn't THAT bad, barely irritating at all. I also ran into a glitch. When he did the FIRE!!!! special, my character went through him and wouldn't stop, and I had to reset.

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